Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vivid Dream of Us

last night I had a dream
A dream that was so real and so vivid
I thought it was reality and I finally go back to that time
the time where I usually walking down the road
with you beside me.

but then I woke up
and realized
that it was just a dream
although the dream felt like reality
and the true reality felt like a dream
because it felt so real.
it felt so right.
and I felt calm all over again just like I used to be
when we walking down the road

but the time had passed.
the time had passed for us long time ago
and I've found another bitter sweet of loves since you
although nothing ever the same

but it's okay.

because I don't regret what I lost.
Instead, I smile for what I had.
and I had a lot.


(just another melancholic post for a melancholic state of mood).

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