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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In the Middle of Crossroad

lately, i feel like standing in the middle of crossroad.
with all this graduation and job hunting thing-y, it feels like whatever I'm gonna do next, it will be a  very significant step to define what and who i'll be next. and in one way or another, it sucks.


because i never felt like this before.
call me perfectionist or a not spontaneous kind of person, but throughout my life, i always have a plan. especially for big things, like what kind of high school i wanna go or what major i'm going to take in college. i even already planned of studying for Psychology since i was in 3rd grade in Elementary school.

so you see, being clueless and directionless is quite annoying for me.

being graduated is great, and i work really hard to be graduated on time and got A for my thesis. but once it's done, i don't know what i want to do anymore.
well, for one thing i definitely don't want to apply for Master degree right away after my bachelor degree graduation, trying to give the brain a little air and space to breathe :D
but applying for job is another confusing matters, cause i still can't figure out what i exactly wanna do for a living (haha). 

so right now, all i'm doing for most of my days are clicking the mouse through job-finding websites and applied for random jobs and random positions. trying to see, if there is someone out there who's interested enough with what i have to offer :p

wow, so i guess i finally come to the real world. the real jungle, where only the most perseverance of people would be able to survive. wish me luck guys. can't wait for the day i finally have my own income. and financial freedom :)