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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Inconvenient Truth

Photos and stories are important to me.
It's like a milestones, a marker on how far I've gone in life.
That is also the main reason of why I wrote this blog.
It documented every bitter and sweet moments in my life, 
no matter how inconvenient it is. To me or to anyone else involved.

Lately, some people I know asked me to take down some of this blog's contents, 

because they thought it's no longer relevant. 
Because what I wrote in those posts are happened in the past and they said it might cause some inconvenient to other people.
And I've considered that, because I've been thinking about deleting some of my posts for quite some times too.
But I never be able to do that.

This blog is an archive of my life. 

Of course there are many things happen in my life that I didn't documented here, but still, this blog holds some important parts of memories, thoughts, and pictures that I don't want to forget.
Not because I can not let go of the past, but because no matter what happen and how our lives turn out now, memories shaped me to be who I am right now.

And I want to be able to remember it. To go back to the hurts, smiles, loves, tears, and laughs that I shared here.
To know that at certain points, I had all those kinds of thoughts and done all those kinds of things.

So, I guess for now, I can not take down any posts or contents in my blog.

The photos and the posts will stay as it is.
But I did make certain adjustments so my posts wouldn't be popped up too easily in search engine and be linked with certain names that's already in the past.

But I can't do more than that. 
Sorry for the incovenience truth.

They said curiosity could kill a cat.