Sunday, March 21, 2010

Questions Much (?)

there are times when so many thought crossed your head.
and so many questions flying in your mind.


and you can't help yourself, but to start spluttering those words.
because you just need to know.
because sometimes you just want to understand.
and it's a hard thing to do, when all you've got is just glimpse of short pictures.
puzzles that you can't put down together,
when all you're trying to do is getting the whole picture.

and sometimes,
you keep blabbering those questions,
because you wanna get the reciprocity act.
to be told, the way you always trying to tell your part. your life.
because you realize.
about how different it is.
a two very different world with diversities, and not similarities, to unite both.
and so you're trying to sneak a peek.
to get into.
to become a part of something.
something that matters a lot to you.

and that's why so many questions flying by.
because that was the effort.
an effort to make a bridge.
so everyone can cross over conveniently into both of these two worlds.


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