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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Liar, Liar. You're Pants will be on Fire

so here I am, tonight. sit in front of my laptop and open my facebook account.

as I am scrolling through friends' profiles and trying to catch up with what's happen with their life now,
I stumbled into a profile of someone that i ever know at some times in my life.

and after looking through that profile tonight, i just feel really grateful.
i feel really thankful to God.
To life.
to path of life that has lead me here, to where i belong now.

i've been going through some of pretty painful journeys
and along those paths i met people.
people whom i thought was my friends.
people whom i thought was great.
people whom i thought was where my happiness laid.

but then, life changed its course.
or maybe, it's people who changed their courses.
and i got left behind. weeping, asking why, and thinking that i've lost what was good for me.

but, now.
looking back to those times again.
and catching up with people's lives and seeing the way they treat things and other people in their lives.
I am so glad that i was not a part of them anymore.
I am so glad that life changed its course on me.
and separated me from those whom i thought was good for me.
because now, i can see that those goodness was nothing but a tricky deceitfulness that was hidden behind an impressive mask. a lie.
and they said that liar, liar. the pants on fire.
so let's hope that there will be fire on the liar's pants :)

and now. while sitting behind this laptop and thinking around.
once again, i'm just so glad. so thankful. and grateful.
to be where I am now.
surrounded by the very best people i've known.
bestfriends who always ally with me in the time when the deceiver came and tricked me.
friends who taught me the cold hard truth and slapped me so i could woke up.
and the big lovely man who came along in the end, offering me a safe haven.

they are the ones that are true.
with them, there are no guessing, hiding, pretending, and scrambling around trying to keep both of my feet on the ground and not falling apart.

i wouldn't erase the past with all of its sweet-bitterness and hard lessons.
and i will keep cherish the present that i live now. savoring the life with its spices.
and hopefully as the time makes me grow older, there will be more and more lessons to smartened me into a point where i know how to prevent the past from repeating itself.

wow, tonight was quite a night.
it's amazing how deliberating it feels to know and to be able to laugh at something that used to cause you so much pain.
but now, it's nothing but a midnight entertainment for me.
hmm.. what a great night..

good night for now, guys. cheer up, will ya? :D


  1. Thank you so much :))
    hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon :D