Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peaceful Contentedness

my mom said that my face was a wide open book of expressions and people can read easily into what i feel at a moment. so, people who see me nowadays, probably can see my peaceful contentedness facial expression :)

peaceful contentedness?

yeah, that's the only words that came into my mind when i try to describe what i feel these days.
just a very peaceful and content state of the mind.
no worry, no afraid, no sadness, nothing.
just peaceful, like i'm floating on a cloud above the ground.
and content, like there's nothing else that i can ask in my life.
i already have what i need and that's all what i want.
that's all what i am asking for.

and now for once, i'm praying that my Ferris wheel will stop circling while i'm still on top, so i can enjoy this beautiful view for a little while longer.
to savor it and memorize it in my mind.
so that when storm days are coming, i know that there are always sunny days like this that made all the bad weathers don't matter.
and in the end of the day, when the wind stop, i'll be back floating above the ground.
Feeling peaceful contentedness all over again :)

so, let's cheers and enjoy all the sunny days while you still can, people :)

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