Sunday, June 27, 2010

Young and misunderstood

this is a promise I made to myself.

When I get older, I will try my best to not forget how does it feel to be young and misunderstood.


  1. ih ih ih... aku seneng ada di sini.

    Pertama, posting yang ini bener2 touchy.
    Kedua, desain blog lo gue suka. Lebih girlie, ceria :)

    Makasih yaa udah blogwalking lagi :)

  2. wuaah thanks septaa :D

    ah ya. sometimes, older people just forget that maturation and wisdom don't come over night, don't they? ;)
    iyaa aku lagi pengen yg centil2 nih layoutnyaa hehe.
    makasih juga yaa udah mau jalan2 kesinii :)