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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Young and Foolish

I know I'm still young.
I know that I live quite a sheltered life, that I haven't know the harsh and bitter part of the world.
I know I'm naive enough to think that life is still full of rainbow and flower, and still believe in the goodness of everybody.
But is it really wrong to think like that?
Is it wrong to believe in the kindness of people?

I know that there are a certain wisdom that comes with age.
As you get older, you see more parts of the world.
You experienced more, and learned more. Hence, the wisdom.

But, do wisdom and knowledge only come to old people?
Can't we the youngster have a wisdom, too?
If we're so naive and foolish, do that mean that we can't make our own decisions?
Is being old means your order is absolute and you don't make mistakes anymore?
Is defying your words means that we, the youngsters, will be damned?
Is it possible that once in a while, we be the right ones and you be the wrong ones?

Sorry for the rambling. These are just some questions that come into my mind when I think about some disagreement that I have with older people. I just got so confused with our culture and the sayings that old people always right. Because, is it true? Does getting old mean that you will be gifted with a definite wisdom where you can not make mistakes or false judgment anymore? Will I get turn into a rock, just like Malinkundang if I try to defied them?

But what if their decisions turned to be a mistake?
What if old people was just a human that still able to make mistakes?
Do they ever think that when they making that decisions for me?
Do they ever think for just a second, that the decision they insisted on me could turn to be a mistakes?
And who will live with that wrong decisions?
No. It will be me.

Then why don't they just let me live my life?
I know I'm still young.
I know that I never really live for myself.
I don't really know how does it feel to work 24/7 to support your children,
how it feels to pay bills and worry about loans.
I know that I never quite understand why spouses often fight with each other
instead of just learn to accept their decision to marry one another.
I know I still have a lot to learn about life,
and there are no amount of college degree will be sufficient to taught me that.

But that's why I have to make my own decisions.
There will be a lot of mistakes, but that's how I'm going to learn.
I will never know what I really need in life, because that's God job.
But, neither will other people.
And instead of living with other people's decisions, I rather live with mine.
It will be a lot easier to accept your own mistakes, rather than the ones people put into your life.

So, old people. Parents, aunts, uncles, and other beloved old people. Just give enough trust to us, the youngsters, and adopt some humility. There are no absolute truth in this world, no matter how old you are.

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