Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Thing That's Real

So many changes happened in life, lately. New friends, new environments, and new challenges to conquer. 
in the past, i always have a group of bestfriends to talk to. people who listen to my rambling, no matter how random they were. we love and sometimes despise each other because the too-often frequency of our meetings. but at least with them, i don't have to tiptoe around, trying to find some opening for me to come inside. because no matter what, they always welcomed me. i'm one of them. i belong there. just like your own home, where you don't have to knock the door and push the bell button to come inside.

but lately, i feel so fake. so isolated. so lonely, that when i think again, i don't really have bestfriends now. of course, there are friends. good friends to talk to, joke around, and spend some good times. but it's different. because with them, i feel like i have to tiptoe around. waiting for them to signaling me and say, "yes, you may come inside". we talk a lot, and sometimes sharing our secrets and pieces of mind. talking about past, present, and hope. but, they are not the people i run into when i feel sad and whom i seek comfort when some things get tough.

it's kinda lonely sometimes. it makes me think, to whom i'm gonna seek help when someday i need it? but then, there's one name come up. one person who always there, giving comfort and consolation. a person who listens to all my rambling, and laughing even to the most not funny, silly imaginations that i have. he accept me for who i am and open his door all the time. to him, i don't have to knock any door, because i always welcomed. i belong there. and he is my home. thank you for being a great boyfriend, and foremost, the very best friend a girl could ask, Jangkung :)

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