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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Falling Out of Love

i have this one weakness.
i was never falling out of love.
once I'm in it, I keep stay there.
until one day, it's all gone.
and I was left there alone.
gasping out of breath. 
wondering what happen that make it all go away?

sometimes, I wonder.
what does it feels?
to love someone so endearingly for some times,
and to lose all that feeling another time?
is it happen overnight? is it happen gradually?
is it need any external distraction to make someone fall out love?
do you need to fall in love to someone else first, before you can fall out of love?
or do you just need some times separate from your lover, to lose all the feeling?

i don't know.
for me, once I love someone, then i keep on loving them.
as long as we're okay.
as long as we are not abusive toward each other.
as long as nothing bad or destructive happen, then i will keep loving them.
and IF there is something that i can't accept from someone, then i will talk it out.
discuss it, in an adult manner. 
find the way out and how to solve it.

so I'm really curious.
how does it feel, really?
how does it feel to stop being in love with someone, and ignore them like they never matter to you at all?
as if, all the times and the hours you've spent with each other is never happen?
tell me, because I think I need to know how does it feel to be able to understand how it can happen.

can YOU tell me?

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