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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life's Update


It's been a very long time since I really, seriously writing a comprehensive story in this blog.
And today, at 00.52 AM, I don't t think I have sufficient time to write long post,
So I just want to update several things.

I know that maybe nobody ever read this blog again, since I've also abandoned it for a long time.
But for years, this blog is a witness to all big things that happen to me.
All the stupid infatuation and heartbreak. 
The first time I'm falling in love. First boyfriend.
Another heartbreak and realization that maybe love can not win over distance.
And the moment when I knew I've found the One. 
The one person who's willing to stand by me. 
Who fought his hardest even when we are separated by hundreds of miles and still love me the same, if not more :)

So, today I just want to share you some updates about all the good things (Alhamdulillah) that happen in my life so far.

  1. I've graduated from Master degree of Adult Clinical Psychology in 2013. This is a dream that I've been hold on to since I was in 3rd year of Elementary School, and finally I can call myself a psychologist. I'm falling in love so much with this profession.
  2. Agi and I are already in our 4th year and he makes me so happy. There are a lot of dramas and tears that was cause by conditions around us. But thankfully I have a strong and kind-hearted boyfriend who always told me that everything will be okay. And he was right. 
  3. We both work REALLY hard to prove to everyone who doubted us, that we can make it. We become better when we're together and this last one year we pour all our heart, soul, sweat, and tears trying to make better lives for ourselves and gain approval from whomever disagree.
  4. August 2015 we finally gather our families and start planning our marriage (yeay!). It's still a long way to go with lots of preparation to make, vendors to choose, and money to gather, but it feels like a fun journey, because I get to do it with one person who always makes everything feels better. 
So there you have it. I'm so thankful for everything that happen, because every little journey count. 
I really want to make posts about our wedding preparation, but I don't think I have enough time (nor the energy!) to write regularly in this blog. besides, we're hiring Wedding Organizer to organize the details, because we're so lazy and tired to handle all the micro details by ourselves haha.

See you later guys. May happiness, health, and prosperity surround us everywhere we go :)


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