Monday, December 17, 2012

One and a Half Year..

Him, On telephone:
"Selamat satu setengah tahun tanpa berantem, pacaar.."

Me, On telephone:
"Oiyaa. Alhamdulillah yaa kita adem ayem aja hehe."


"Pacar emang gak ada yang mau dikeluhin apa, dari hubungan kita?"

"Gak ada. Hehe"

And the conversation continues..

Hours later..

Me, on my mind:

"Well, my dear boy. I've got nothing to complain.
You've been a perfect companion for me. What's not to love from you?
You've met every expectation I have and even beyond.
You're just imperfectly perfect for me :)

Happy One Year and a Half..

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