Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Effort That Count the Most

Received something in my mail this afternoon.
It's a present from my boyfriend for my birthday.
He couldn't come to Jakarta on the day of my birthday,

and I got so busy with case reports too, so we postpone our rendezvous.
Instead, he send the present first.

It was a very lovely purse, from a brand called Donini.
he still amazed me sometimes by his skill of buying a perfect gift :3
And not just the gift. Agi also sent me a birthday card.
The first birthday card that he made by himself.
Haha, honestly. He is the sweetest guy I know.
Kinda goofy sometimes, but also the kindest and the most gentle.

Thanks, tall man. I like it very much :)
Not just the purse. But most of all, the gesture and the effort that you put in it.

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