Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Chapter

June came. 
and it brings along new promises and hopes of happiness and love.
i started a new chapter of life in this month.
11th June, 2011 to be exact :)

there are so many tales and stories that i want to share.

but it seems that i never have enough time to write it down.
so in this very short time i have, i just want to share this.
to memorize one more memory of happiness.

life comes with its ups and downs.

and while i had my downs,
i have my ups now.
God has been kind to me.

as i told you before, Semarang has give me a lot of blessing.

it gives me friends and adventures.
amazing trips to towns around Middle Java with an old Jeep,
riding the road with the windows open and laughter in the background.

and most importantly, it gives me companionship.

along with the friendships that grew 
and the love of exploring towns and having fun, i'm falling.
falling for what? i haven't found the words to describe what we have.

all i know is,
the hours and nights we spent in conversations,

the witty banter we threw at each other,
the comfortable silence we enjoy,
and the reluctance to come home when it's time,
i don't want to lose it.

so, hello Agi Gilang Pratama :)
Hello June.
may happiness, certainty, and love surround us.



  1. Halo, Gilang Pratama. Jaga baik-baik teman saya ya. :D

    p.s.: De, fotonya dipajang dong di blog. Mau liat orangnya. Hihihihi...

  2. hehehe iyaa kim nanti kalo udah banyak stok foto, gw pasang :D

  3. @ka Moko: ehem. makasih kak hehe. *telat banget bales komennya* :p