Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Curled Up and Cry

it was in the tip of my tongue
i want to say it
i'm tired
i want to take a break
i don't wanna cry no more

maybe it's an exaggeration
maybe it's just what i'm feeling
but then why am i here?
feeling like i'm losing?
losing you?
losing what used to be so easy to hold

no guessing
no doubt
no waiting

i thought i already passed that
passed the time where i'm sleeping while holding the phone
waiting for the one i hope the most
but here i am.
going back to square one.

do you know what i love the most about us?
about you?
it's how you made me feel so safe, so secure
there's no guessing, no pretending, no analyzing
i don't have to sleep holding the phone anymore
because you're always there

we are apart
i know that
it's not an easy part for the future
but i'm trying
i'm juggling everything, with you in my center
can you do the same?

i've been hurt before
i know all the signs
i recognize the tingling sensation
the urgent feeling to be convinced
the desperate hope to be awakened from the nightmare
and i'm feeling it all over again now

i thought you are my last
but now i don't know.
do you?
if you do, why does my tears won't stop?

i'm so tired
with me there are two ways
whether we all in, or we all out
i don't settle for any less
because i won't let you settle with me for any less too
you deserve the best as i deserve the best

so just tell me. 
is this a nightmare all over again, 
or is this a rough path in which we can overcome together?

but i can't do it alone.
because if you asked me,
right now i rather just curled up and cry.

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